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About Fu-Feng

Despite the small size of the Taiwan Island, the complex terrain is the gift of the Hands of God that generates collision between the plates and the submarine volcanoes, so Taiwan becomes a place full of complicated terrains and rich biodiversity surrounded by waters and with extra high rainfall given by nature.
The tiny Taiwan Island (Formosa in Portuguese) owns 268 mountains over the altitude of 3,000 meters and the density of mountains ranks the top worldwide; therefore, the Company adopts the name Fu-Feng that signifies Formosan Peaks as well as “Fu-Feng for Fortune”.

Formosan Peaks & Heavenly Collection

Fu-Feng International Liquor Factory Inc. (Fu-Fong Winery International Liquor Co., Ltd.) was founded in April, 2005. Good waters and mountains in Central Taiwan constitute the great conditions to make fine liquor. The modern equipment and machinery are invested. Premium kaoliang and winter wheat are our sole ingredients. The ingredients are fermented under the traditional method: pure grain in solid pits fermentation. In pursuit of the top quality, the clean thermostatic instrument is set up to keep the fermentation temperature not over 25°C. The finest quality of liquor is attained via the distilling apparatus. Profession, Conscience and Fine Winery are our 3 warranties and corporate philosophy to run the business.
In Sep. 2010, the Company received the W Alcohol Quality Certification issued by the Ministry of Finance for our cooking rice wine and kaoliang liquor for the first time. In 2011, the Company was the authorized vendor of the Changhua County Government 2011 National Games Memorial Wine. In 2012, the Company received the silver medal of the Fine Alcohol Quality Evaluation granted by the Ministry of Finance. In 2013, the Company received ISO22000 and HACCP certification. In 2014, the Company received the silver medal of the Fine Alcohol Quality Evaluation granted by the Ministry of Finance again. In 2015, the Company received the Changhua County Government Chuanghua Visit Memorial Wine. In 2016, the Company received the One Star Award of the Changhua County Government Happy Business Campaign.

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